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My Work

Think Beyond Plastic

Think Beyond Plastic™ is a model for addressing global sustainability problems that can be extended to food security and agriculture, clean energy, climate change and other pressing issues. 


In 2007, I launched Think Beyond Plastic™, the award-winning 360 campaign associated withNational Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth. The campaign included a creative mix of traditional media, social media, advocacy and hands-on outreach and grew to 360,000 people, businesses and organizations working to reduce their plastic pollution footprint.  

In 2012, I launched the Think Beyond Plastic™ Innovation Forum, a social impact venture that harness untapped innovation, entrepreneurial and investment opportunities. The Think Beyond Plastic™innovation eco-system encompasses the entire process of innovation, from formulating and incubating ideas to commercializing technologies and accelerating businesses. 


In 2012, Think Beyond Plastic evolved into a global Innovation Forum to spark creative disruptions, innovation and entrepreneurship that addresses the global threat of plastic pollution. 

Daniella and Associates

It has always been my passion to leverage the great energy of partner ecosystems, their inherent synergies and collaborative power. 


In 1999, I started Mindzone, Inc to provide consulting services to many Fortune-500 companies and build high-tech keiretsus around emerging new business opportunities.  Today, Mindzone has grown into Daniella and Associates, with focus on building eco-systems around disruptive innovation continues to inspire innovative thinking. Combining creative disruptions with innovation brings out the best in business practices, the most innovative products and opens new markets and opportunities. With focus on innovation, we seek to disrupt conventional plastics production and bring to market a set of innovative, safe and affordable alternatives. 


Plastic Pollution Coalition

In 2009, I co-founded the Plastic Pollution Coalition – a global alliance of businesses, organizations and individuals working together to end plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on people, animals and the environment. 

​I co-founded the organization because of the growing threat plastic pollution represents for humanity. Plastic pollution is the nexus of eco-system degradation, public health issues and  environmental injustice.

​My work was a culmination of a multi-year effort to raise awareness of plastic pollution, and to measurably reduce the plastic footprint of our planet. I believe this is possible with the collective power of youth leadership, market and technology disruptions and viral behavior change. 

Many thanks to my co-founders Diana Cohen, Lisa Boyle and Manuel Maqueda for sharing the dream.

GMO-Free Monterey County

GMO-free Monterey County is a project I launched in 2009. It is dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of genetically-modified foods to the agricultural bounty of Monterey County. It incorporates a web site, numerous film screenings, a film festival and many other public events. Today, GMO-Free Monterey County collaborates with state-wide efforts to ban GMO crops, and to enforce labeling laws.

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